Cognitive Web Accessibility Assessments: 2 UK Sites With Top Scores

I performed cognitive Web accessibility assessments on five more sites.  Two of them, both of organizations located in the United Kingdom, received all possible points.  The results for the rest were varied.

Assessed Sites and Scores

View detailed results, assessment criteria and methodology.

Site Highlights

People First

The People First site features a large site-navigation menu (pictured below). For menu options, there are contextually-relevant icons, which are also used throughout the site.

People First Site Navigation Menu


The Mencap site incorporates many captioned videos (example pictured below) as an alternative to text content, and relevant images to augment it.  The site’s My Life section is specifically designed for constituents, with plain language; simple navigation, and lots of images and videos.

Man pictured with a quote, "We work in partnership with the  parents".


Though the Web sites of Mencap and People First have minor problems, it is apparent the two organizations expended great effort to make them accessible to their constituencies.  I offer my congratulations.

Note: This post is part of a series on cognitive Web accessibility assessments.