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EasyCOVID-19: We make COVID-19 info easy to understand.

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Please help us simplify COVID-19 terms. It’s easy!

We show you a term / word and its definition. You can skip any term if you can’t think of a simple alternative. Below is a sample simplification form.

Simplification Form. Term = Quarantine. Sample simplified text = stay safe at home. Submit and Skip buttons.

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EasyCOVID-19 Project Now Recruiting!

Please help us simplify COVID-19 info worEasyCOVID-19: We make COVID-19 info easy to understand.ld wide!

The EasyCOVID-19 project is now recruiting people to help us simplify COVID19 terms. Please help us by visiting our EasyCOVID-19 crowdsourcing app. This is the start of our project to simplify the COVID-19 information published by every country’s government websites.

Overall Plan

We will start with Massachusetts. We will then expand to the other U.S. states. We will then move to the 18 English Speaking countries, then the 21 Spanish speaking countries, then the world! This will help many huge populations, such as people with cognitive disabilities, non-native language speakers, the Deaf, and seniors. When they understand how to be safe and healthy, the whole world will be safe and healthy.

Our project would not be successful without:

Please help us now!

For more info, see our EasyCOVID-19 Website!