CSUN and Assistive Technology

CSUN/Tseng College LogoAssistive Technology (AT) is experiencing amazing growth. An increasing aging population is creating new needs to address. Specialists are needed to identify user needs and connect them to the right AT. Assistive Technology used to focus on hearing, sight, or movement issues. Newer technologies are helping the way we learn and process information. These include:

  • Cognitive aids that help people with challenges in thinking skills
  • Computer software/hardware: voice recognition, screen readers, closed captions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Neuroscience

Recently, I learned about Assistive Technology programs at Tseng College. Tseng College is a part of California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Located in Los Angeles. One area that it specializes in is programs for mid-career adults. These programs are mostly online. This gives working people the ability to learn new skills on their own time. Instructors, classmates, and field experts create a supportive group environment.

Master of Science, Assistive Technology Engineering
This program is taught by working engineers. Students have hands-on experience in addition to the online course. The program provides:

  • Design experience to create new assistive technology
  • Project and team management skills
  • New technical abilities
  • Ability to define new uses for existing technologies
  • A working portfolio to share work with potential employers

Master of Science, Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services (ATHS)
This program is the first of its kind in Southern California. It creates skilled AT specialists who can:

  • See the connection between human and technology factors
  • Assess AT users’ needs and identify solutions
  • Explain and train the solution to the AT user
  • Translate the legal and political history of AT