Draft Database of Results from Cognitive Web Accessibility Assessments

I now have a database of results from my assessments of cognitive Web accessibility.  It is a work in progress.

I am displaying the database data on The Clear Helper Web site.  Because, to date, I have assessed only 2 of my planned 100 Web sites, few data are presented.  Yet it seems a good idea to start the database development and the data presentation now, partly in hope of soliciting feedback from followers of this project.

The assessments home page references two pages that display the same database data differently.  Its main purpose is to describe the assessment criteria and methodology.  I will use it to record any related changes I make as a result of what I learn from performing subsequent assessments.

Via table and pie chart, the first page shows Results By Numbers of Web Sites that meet the assessment criteria.

The second page shows summaries of Results By Web Site.  Each has the criteria met, the number of points recorded, and the conclusion. Seven of the criteria are based upon the sections of WebAIM’s Cognitive Web Accessibility Checklist.

A future page will show results by the guidelines that form the checklist’s sections.  It might be interesting to create a page of results by country.  It may be, for example, that cognitive-disability organizations in the countries of the U.K. are more likely than those in other countries to make their Web sites accessible to their constituencies.

I would like feedback.  If you have suggestions for how I can improve my related efforts, or for other ways to display the results, please post a comment or contact me.