An Evangelist of Web Accessibility for People with Cognitive Disabilities

A project by Inclusive New Media Design in England is evangelizing Web accessibility for people with intellectual / cognitive disabilities, which it also refers to as “learning disabilities”.  It has been running workshops to train Web designers and developers, and to include people with cognitive disabilities as testers.

Its Web site has a section of tips on making Web sites work for people with cognitive disabilities, which includes links to examples of Web sites designed for the population, and information about assistive technology.

Its Web site has several nice features I plan to incorporate into the future “Clear Helper” Web site.

  • a design using HTML 5 and CSS 3;
  • a Flash-based, text-to-speech applet on every page;
  • CSS-based switching of page-background coloring (light / dark);
  • large font sizes;
  • breadcrumbs for site navigation;
  • contextually-relevant icons;
  • presentation of content in multiple formats (text, audio, video); and
  • embedded, closed-captioned videos.

I anticipate learning much from this great resource.