Simplified Computer Interface: Litl Webbook

Here is an intriguing possibility for people with cognitive disabilities to access the Web using a simplified computer interface and a significantly simple computer.  The litl’s interface does not use menus, folders, icons or overlapping windows.  Navigating the interface is performed with just a couple of buttons.  The first third of this video demonstrates the interface.

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This video from CrunchGear: Exclusive video of the Litl Webbook

The computer itself is simplified.  It automatically handles all updates, patches, plug-ins and fixes.  Supposedly, users do not have to worry about viruses either.  The litl is billed as “maintenance free”.  I imagine this too could be a boon for people with cognitive disabilities, indeed for all people, because the complexity of maintaining a computer would be vastly reduced.

The litl Webbook is manufactured and sold by litl, LLC of Boston, MA.  (No endorsement is intended or implied.)


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  1. rwbass
    Bob Bass Says:

    The litl is very impressive with the number of features it delivers while at the same time being so simple in design–right from the packaging, directions, and principals of operation. I would think that using web sites designed with considerations for people with intellectual disabilities (such as the one you plan to build) and this device, one could take a major step at bringing the internet to many people who would otherwise not be able to enjoy it.

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