Project Outline

I plan to put into practice the research and the suggested guidelines for developing a Web site accessible to people with cognitive disabilities.

As of now, my plan is to:

  • review the available literature;
  • examine relevant studies;
  • find examples of Web sites designed for people with cognitive disabilities;
  • build such a Web site;
  • place on it sample content of interest to people with cognitive disabilities;
  • try different types of content (picture-based, video-based, text, audio);
  • meet guidelines on the creation of accessible content;
  • experiment with different designs to see what works best;
  • have people with cognitive disabilities use and test the site;
  • based upon feedback, decide upon the best design or designs;
  • build up the content to make the site truly useful.

As I undergo the above tasks, I will be blogging about my efforts, successes, travails and ideas.  I will also have general blog entries about Web accessibility for people with cognitive disabilities.