Proposal Strategy

Proposal Resources

Questions To Answer

  • who we are
  • what we want to accomplish
  • why
  • what we have already done
  • what kind of Ph.D. students?
    • Ping & Soussan
  • what topics to go after
  • what would make work more amenable without changing the core substance

Needed Descriptions

  • general thoughts about specific projects
  • overall theme of work
  • long-term goals to get to target endpoint
    • working back from that?
    • what has to happen
  • interdependent projects


  • tie it all together
  • outline multi-year agenda
  • decide upon goals
  • target agencies
  • talk to people, e.g., Steve
    • put together presentation
    • introduce ourselves
    • ask them for feedback & suggestions for work in their area
  • look at solicitations to go after
  • serious effort at writing proposals
    • not writing is specifically for an RFP
  • set a center vision
  • define 5-year timeline